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Slim Fit Hood Cotton Jacket


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Slim Fit Hood Cotton Jacket

Size Difference Notice
This size notice is for normal body type.
If your weight is more than or less than the measurement given below, please consider ordering one size bigger or one size smaller.
This brand, TheLees, is almost slim fit style.
If you haven’t tried slim fit before, you would feel a bit tight so please buy one size bigger.
Tag size given below is the size which is attached on cloth and label.
For example, 5′ 11″, 165 lbs : If you like slim fit, please choose L sizes{L(US M)}. IF you like normal fit, please choose {XL(US L)}.

US S = 5′ 7″(170cm), 140 lbs(64kg)
US M = 5′ 9″(175cm), 155 lbs(70kg)
US L = 5′ 11″(180cm), 175 lbs(80kg)
US XL = 6′ 2″(188cm), 190 lbs(86kg)

If you are still unsure about size, Could you please tell us Weight and Height in stones or Lbs and Inch?

M (US S)… Shoulder: 17.3 in / Chest: 37.8 in / Sleeve: 24.4 in / Total Length: 24.4 in
L (US M)… Shoulder: 18.1 in / Chest: 39.4 in / Sleeve: 25.2 in / Total Length: 25.2 in
XL (US L)… Shoulder: 18.9 in / Chest: 40.9 in / Sleeve: 26 in / Total Length: 26 in
2XL (US XL)… Shoulder: 19.7 in / Chest: 42.5 in / Sleeve: 26.8 in / Total Length: 26.8 in

Slim Fit Hood Cotton Jacket


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