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Urban mens wear and trends


urban-clothing-trendsFashion is not just dressing in particular style or following the latest trends, it means much more than that. Usually fashion is associated to the latest trends in clothing, footwear and accessories, but in reality it depicts the lifestyle of a society. Through the depiction of these physical attributes of a person, the whole of society is represented culturally and religiously. It is true when people say that “fashion is a statement” which defines what a person is and what he is representing. It is the fashion that expresses the desire of every individual to look unique and trendy. In this time period when the physical and the superficial are central, being fashionable is justified. Every person has to look trendy and stylish so they may maintain their social status.

Urban clothing or fashion has never been restricted only to Urban mens wear and trendswomen; men can also look their best. We see that this million dollar industry caters to both the genders, making them give the impression of being the most stunning. Years back, men were limited to choices when the question of dressing up was raised. Mostly suits were preferred and yet again in inadequate colors. Black, white, brown and blues were the only colors recognized as perfect for any men clothing.

Since then, times have changed and so have the fashion trends for men. This year the top most priority has been given to the term “relaxation”, while setting up the trends for urban men’s clothing. Whether it is the strictly official gathering or time spent at a beach we will see the representation of this. The designers have been conscious of the fact that they create their collections as such that they are easy to wear. It is the need of the hour to relax while taking care of our hectic

This year men will have lots of options when it comes to colors, patterns and designs. Stripes, flowers, polka dots and animal prints all are available to choose from for the best winter/spring look. Men can choose blazers and jackets to compliment their printed shirts. Since “easy to wear” is the new anthem of fashion clothing therefore well tailored pants, not too damn tight are in style. The shorts, cargo pants and three quarter pants should be selected for casual wear with moccasins that makes it more interesting.Urban mens wear and trends jacket

men-wearing-fashion-scarvesBlack and white gives appealing look to stylish cuts and is always in for mens urban clothing. Despite this bold and bright colors are in too for men, but these neon colors have to be worn with a conscious aspect of keeping the masculinity and subtlety for men. As the “less is the new more”, men can dress up and choose from a variety of designs and cuts, which are suitable for their comfort and easy.



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