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Grin Bear Sleeve Hoodie White

Grin&Bear Sleeve Hoodie White


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Grin&Bear Sleeve Hoodie White

Grin&Bear Sleeve Hoodie is uniquely designed for athletes, Grin&Bear’s slim fit cut sleeve hoodie comfortably hugs the body’s contours.

The BreathStretch¨ fabric helps to create and accentuate the classical V shaped lines of a trained athlete.” – Grin&Bear

This Grin Bear Sleeve Hoodie White sweatshirt is perfectly shaped to flatter and accentuate the sculpted definition of an athletic physique. Combining the comfort of a classic hoodie with the performance of Grin&Bear’s Breath Stretch Fabric, it is a fantastically versatile garment which offers style and practicality for both everyday wear and on the sports field. Featuring a cotton-poly blend with flatlock stitching details, the hooded sweatshirt is durable, easy to care for and available in a variety of great colors.

  • 65% cotton/35% polyester
  • BreathStretch® Fabric
  • Grin&Bear “Athletic Cut”
  • Specifically designed to compliment an athletic figure
  • Flatlock stitching

 Grin&Bear Men’s Long Sleeve Hoodie -Customer review

Quality & Use

The drawstrings are very heavy and thick rope-like material, and the hood interior is not only vibrant, but the same smooth material. Seams aren’t bulky or thick, yet are quite strong. The material itself isn’t very thick though, which would impact the style badly anyway, and is more of a slightly heavier long sleeved shirt than it is an actual sweatshirt.

The red color was very vibrant, just as the pictures showed, which was surprising since the colors are rarely as bright as the model pictures for anything. The gray color was the slightly darker grey as pictured as well. The material was very nice and soft, clearly of good quality, and a bit stretchy. It has a slightly satiny-silky-smooth feel to it that does a good job outlining ridges and bumps of whatever’s underneath when pulled taut.

It feels very good on the inside either with an undershirt or without, and the seams don’t bind, chafe, or constrict under active movement. It doesn’t appear it was the intent, but the fabric feels to be slightly moisture wicking as well, though the liner of the hood and the draw strings will absorb and retain moisture. The draw strings are also quite long, almost half again what appears in the pictures (at least for size Medium), but they tend to cling to the front of the shirt ever so slightly so they aren’t swinging around all the time, but not so tightly that the static cling is obvious to an observer.

The hood is very small, clearly intended only for appearance and not for use, which is perfect for the style since it keeps it from hanging way down your back and feeling uncomfortable when you sit down with your back against a chair. The shirt itself doesn’t have any inner liner (unlike some of the others from this brand), which further differentiates this from an actual sweatshirt used for warmth.


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